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Knives for meat boning
  • Knives for meat boning
  • Knives for meat boning
  • Knives for meat boning

Knives for meat boning

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Brand:Магия вкуса
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

We are also engaged in the sale of knives for meat boning, equipment for the production of meat products.

raw deboning can be exercised through a variety of special knives.

Today there are many kinds of knives with different types of blades, the material of the blades and handles. Now manufacturers offer various models of knives with optimally matched characteristics of the knife, the price and quality. Boning knives, as a rule, an individual tool. Experienced obvalschiki come to a new job already with their sets of knives.

The shape of the blade

A suitable geometry of the knife blade also depends on selected depending on the type of cutting operation, as well as the requirements imposed on the process. From the same operations and it depends on the length of the blade. Usually used for deboning, most knives are 13-15 cm long and 23-30 cm for trimming length.

blade Material

Despite the fact that the forces that are applied to the handle of the knife is not so great, the times when the power comes on the whole edge length, can be substantial. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the blade material. Do not forget that the blade during operation, is in constant contact with the active chemical environment of meat juice and hot water sterilization. Therefore, boning knives are made by manufacturers of high-carbon stainless steel.

The shape and material of the handle

On worker fatigue severely affects shape of the handle and, therefore, affects the performance. Boning knife handle, and in principle any other, should lie comfortably in the hand and it clearly recorded during operations. The surface should be roughened to prevent slippage of the handle was. Yet it should be noted that at the boundary with the blade of the knife handle must have a safe ledge, which will help prevent accidental contact with the blade arms.



Brand:Магия вкуса
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Information is up-to-date: 21.11.2018
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