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Apron COMFORT Waterproof
In stock 
If you need to increase the productivity of your employees, then they need to be comfortable working conditions. In this case, we can help you! Acquiring for your employees, our waterproof apron "Comfort" for the food industry, you will provide them comfort, which in turn have a positive impact on...
Group: Repellent aprons
Boots polyurethane, Galaxy
Not available | Wholesale and retail 
900 UAH
Wholesale: 850 UAH from 10 pcs
Characteristics: Brand: Galaxy; Material: Polyurethane; Color: white.   It is known that overalls for the food industry have to conform to high hygienic requirements and to be comfortable. Polyurethane Galaxy boots just correspond to all of them, and also at the expense...
Group: Footwear for the food industry
ALPRO semi-galoshes
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
1050 UAH
Wholesale: 1000 UAH from 20 pcs
Product code: ALPRO Name of goods: ALPRO galoshes Description of goods: Galoshes are made of polyurethane foam, this material is very easy and elastic, steady against influence of fats, detergents, differences of temperatures. Wear resistance and service life of this footwear are...
Group: Industrial working footwear
Semi-galoshes are intended for various branches of the food industry.
In stock 
220 UAH
Product code: AMARO Name of goods: AMARO semi-galoshes Description of goods: N of O B of I N K And!!! SUPER EASY semi-galoshes are intended for various branches of the food industry. The Tselnolity AMARO footwear protects legs from moisture and mechanical damages. The sole is...
Group: Working footwear
Packing twine
In stock 
The twine is used when smoking sausage and meat products, packings products, smoking of cheeses. It is absolutely safe also for all products as all components which are its part are natural.It is used not only in the food industry, and and found the broad application in a decor.Features:high...
Group: Packaging for food
In stock 
Product code: 0-078 Name of goods: Grid decorative for sausages Description of goods: GRID DECORATIVE FOR Kolbas.Ispolzuya a decorative grid you will be able always to diversify the range of products, and, above all to make it more attractive and interesting to your buyers!...
Group: Sausage films
Cotton twine
In stock 
Cotton twine. Used for smoking meat and sausages, cheeses, fish, food packaging. Due to natural components within its structure, twine is an environmentally friendly product and is therefore completely safe for all foods. Composition: Cotton twisted thread. Color: white, red, yellow, green, blue,...
Group: Packaging for food
Grid for vetchin
In stock 
Product code: 0-071 Name of goods: Grid for vetchin Description of goods: Length in the reel: 50 mm. Sizes: 100/36-white, 220/48-white, 220/48-red, 125/48-white, yellow, 150/48-colored
Group: Textile nets for smoked products
Natural spicery
In stock 
0.01 UAH
Product code: spices Name of goods: Natural spices Description of goods: • Pepper black peas • Ground black pepper • Ground allspice • Caraway seeds ground • Garlic dried granulated • Garlic dried ground • Pepper red sharp ground • Sweet red paprika ground • A carnation is ground...
Group: Pepper
Onions fried dried
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 100 UAH from 10 kg.
The crackling fried onions allow to save time because does not demand cutting and heat treatment. Quality Luk. It is characterized as crackling, with golden color, and also perfect taste. It is perfect addition to meat dishes, hamburgers, hot dogs and baked puddings. It is recommended also as...
Group: Dried fried onion
Knives for meat boning
In stock 
We are also engaged in the sale of knives for meat boning, equipment for the production of meat products. raw deboning can be exercised through a variety of special knives. Today there are many kinds of knives with different types of blades, the material of the blades and handles. Now...
Group: Knives for meat boning
Needles for injektor of any producers
Not available 
Needles for injetor of any producers. High European workmanship. Favorable prices. 
The Pryanoaromatichesky mix "Nut" for chicken
Not available 
200 UAH
impacts to ready fowl pleasant flavor with nut orientation, saturated aroma and golden-yellowish crust. It is possible to combine with "Classical" and other mixes
Group: Seasonings
Boots are working, Bekina
In stock 
210 UAH
Boots are developed for use in the food industry. They are made of polyurethane that does them on 40 easier, than usual boots or working footwear of polyvinyl chloride. They are elastic where foot is mobile, and are strong where durability is important. Boots are mainly used in meat, dairy, fishing...
Group: Working jackboots
Binder twine
In stock 
The twine sausage is a cotton thread which is used drawings commodity marks in sausages and knittings of long loafs. Long loafs tie up in order that forcemeat was more condensed.Also the twine is used when smoking sausage and meat products, packings products, smoking of cheeses. It is absolutely...
Group: Twine for packaging


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